Digital marketers were surveyed in Fall 2015 to find out what the biggest marketing trends of 2016 would be.

Dave Chaffey over at wrote an article discussing a study they conducted back in Fall 2015. In their study, they asked marketers what they felt the biggest marketing trends of 2016 would be.

[What will be] the biggest trend in digital marketing as shown by what will make the most difference to your business (or your clients if you work for an agency or as a consultant), i.e. which digital marketing technique will give you the most uplift or incremental benefits?

The study contained over 1,500 respondents and the answers broke down as follows:

  • Big Data (including market and customer insight and predictive analytics)
  • Content marketing
  • Communities (Branded niche or vertical communities)
  • Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) / improving website experiences
  • Display (Banners on publishers, ad networks social media including retargeting and programmatic)
  • Internet of Things (IoT) marketing applications Marketing Automation (including CRM, behavioural Email marketing and web personalisation)
  • Mobile marketing (Mobile advertising, site development and apps)
  • Paid search marketing, e.g. Google AdWords Pay Per Click Online PR (including influencer outreach)
  • Partnerships including affiliate and co-marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) S
  • Social media marketing including Social CRM and Social Customer Care
  • Wearables (e.g. Apple Watch, activity trackers, augmented reality)

If you consult the chart and bullet list, you realize that everything is centering around statistics and numbers. We live in an age where insights are king and it allows us to hone in on our target audience. At Backhouse Media, we utilize a complex system of analytics software to create the best marketing strategy for your campaign. I’d be lying if I thought other companies put in the same effort.

Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time and a good working knowledge of statistical analysis to use this data. Most companies will install Google Analytics on your website and not use most of the information it collects. This is a waste of time and money for your company or organization. Analytics in the hands of the write team, can increase your business ten-fold, simply by understanding where your target audience lies and how to directly engage them.