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We've Been Doing Web Design for Over 15 Years.
Back in 2000, most people were still on dial-up. Since then, a lot has changed. If your business doesn't have a website, most people think it doesn't exist or you're not taken seriously. Further, the amount of people using mobile devices has exceeded those using actual computers! How crazy is that?

Why should I have my website professionally designed? I can head over to WIX or Squaretrade and only pay $9.99 a month!

DIY website builder templates are awful. All of that "drag and drop" stuff is done by bloating the website with senseless code--that's the only way it works. Bloated code means your website is completely SEO-unfriendly -- the opposite of what your business needs. 

Think about it...how many times have you done a Google search on a company and it's "desined by Wix?" Almost never. Wix pages don't rank well.

The biggest issue is that these website builders sell false expectations. It takes an expert to analyze your business and figure out the custom website that will attract customers and leads. 

Anyone can build a website but not everyone can build a successful website.

The templates offered by these website builders are not professionally designed and they don't have your goals and objectives in mind. 

They own your website for life.

Since these website builders use a proprietary editor to build your site, there's no way to transfer it over to any other server. You need their tools for life in order to make your site function. Therefore, that little $9.99 month is indefinite. When we build your website, you pay for it, own it and can take it anywhere -- for life. 

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