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The Internet is Controlled by Robots.
It's Time to Defend Yourself. 
No, I'm serious, it really is. The Google Bot travels through the Internet and indexes every single page of every single website. It then uses it's "best guess" of how to label your website on the search engine results page. However, you don't have to settle for some robot's best guess. Hell, he barely even knows you! Who is he to judge? That's rude.  

What's in a label? A lot. 

Those labels that get assigned by the robot actually have a huge effect on how your website ranks. When somebody searches a particular keyword or phrase in Google, your website may or may not be listed based on the information our little robot friend indexed. 

Louis, robots scare me! How do I fix this?

Well first, you have to hire experts like my team at Backhouse Media. We follow the steps below to ensure that the robot only indexes the text we want it to. How's that for robot defense!

This sounds expensive & I'm not making any money, remember?

You're right, it's probably not the cheapest thing in the world. But how much are you willing to pay for a customer or a lead? That's the real question. 

We spend so much time looking at the cost of marketing, we forget the intended goal: to make you more money! What you have to figure out is what's the profit from a customer or lead and how much are you willing to pay for them. 
Example: You're spending $800/month on advertising and marketing. You've figured that the profit from one customer is at least $500. Two new customers this month has paid for your advertising spend. After that, the rest is gravy. Could you have gotten those two new customers without any advertising and pocketed the entire thing? Sure...but if you don't even have to work for customers then you don't need our services. 
Is professional SEO simply out of your budget? Perhaps you're an SEO'er yourself and just need some awesome tools. 

Introducing: Do-It-Yourself SEO 

BHM is offering subscriptions to the same professional-grade SEO tools that we ourselves use. The various levels allow you to pick and choose based on your budget and needs. There's no obligation after the first month and you can leave at any time. 

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