Logging into cPanel services


One of the most common questions new users as is "How do I log into my cPanel now that i have this fancy hosting account?" In this article we will talk abotu logging in to cPanel and also how to log in to the various services provided by the cPanel software such as Webmail.

Basic Domain cPanel Login

Domain-level functions such as creating e-mail addresses, FTP accounts and may other domain related services can be found in the domain-level cPanel interface. The login page for your domain's cPanel interface is at: or

  • Username & Password was provided to you by your account executive.
  • Facebook: alternatively, you can use your Facebook login credentials as well.

Webmail Login

Every email account on our server can be viewed simply by using a web browser. If you are away from your computers or devices you can use any computer browser to check and send email. Some of our clients choose to forgo using an email client altogether and utilize Webmail full time. The login page for your domain's Webmail can be found at: or